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College Fuck Fest Review

Reviewed: 2009-10-23
Quick site rank and complete review of College Fuck Fest | Categories: Legal Teens, Reality

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 82/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 16/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 6/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For CollegeFuckFest

User Rating: 75/100 - based on 489 votes.

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Join by online check or credit card through LocalBilling for $8.95 for 30 days recurring, $53.95 for 90 days.

Tour Promises promises the original hardcore party site, the best party footage on the web, and over 20 sites for the price of one.

My Opinion About CollegeFuckFest

All around the world, co-eds and frat boys are gearing up to go back to college. While the party rarely stops on College Fuck Fest, there are certain times of the year when the parties are a hell of a lot more frequent and wilder and the fall is one of those partying seasons.

CollegeFuckFest has been around for quite a few years. While their entire archive isn't available, you'll still find 97 movies. Also, there are months when they update with six parties and there are months when you might only find one new party. Fortunately, the site is now part of the All Elite Pass. When you first enter the members' area you'll find updates for the 64 sites in the network. There is just about every imagined hardcore niche available and some of the similar sites include BikiniBanger, EuroFuckTrip, ExposedSexTapes and StripClubExposed.

You can either scroll this network page to find the site banner or select College Fuck Fest from the drop down box. Navigating the episodes is a basic experience with all of them listed from newest to oldest across several pages. There is a list of categories, a list of models and there is also a keyword search and results that you get include episodes from other sites in the network.

Some of you may be wondering if the College Fuck Fest parties are real and indeed they are absolutely legit. After all, there needs to be a party in order to make the hardcore come alive. However, don't expect the good little science major to be stripping off her clothes and experimenting on different cocks. The chicks that do all the fucking are quite likely hired party chicks and there is nothing wrong with this if you're looking for a slow party to turn right and fucking wild. It is the atmosphere that counts and all those in the background are real college students.

I consider the photos more of a bonus. There are video captures, but there are also good quality digital snapshots with the episodes. These can be downloaded in Zips or viewed in a slideshow. There are no touch ups whatsoever and what you get is as it happened. There are between 50 and 100 select photos in a set and while there is a bit of oral action, the hardcore seems largely left to the movies.

The site is really quite slow and I had a lot of difficulty moving from one page to another. This isn't the only time I've had trouble browsing the AllElitePass. Fortunately, the movies download in reasonably quick times. However, the files really aren't that large. There are 748kbps 512x384 WMV and 1100kbps 512x288 MPEG downloads, Flash streams and two-minute clips in both of the downloadable formats. Let's face it: the films could be much higher quality. Still, the sound and image was fairly clear.

So, how wild are these parties? Well, everyone carries around a plastic cup that we assume is filled with beer. Movies open with an overview of each party. Groups stand around chatting, the DJ spins some tunes and the party chicks, wearing CollegeFuckFest t-shirts giving them away as party chicks, dance and dirty dance through the crowd. There is a lot of party footage and in the flick I watched the lesbian sex action is moved to the bathroom, which was a bit more secluded than I expected. In fact, much of the sex moves into private rooms and the scenes are filled with cock sucking, pussy licking, fucking and occasionally group action.

Final Verdict

The parties are certainly wild and you'll get your fill of raunchy action, but when it comes to sex, the party often moves to quieter bedroom and other locations. The chicks may be wild, but they certainly aren't wild enough to just get fucked in the middle of a room surrounded by gangs of horny guys, at least not all the time. Those into exhibitionists going hardcore will find some scenes like Cock Crazed Coeds, to drive you right mad. The quality of the videos could be better, but College Fuck Fest does deliver wild parties and steamy hot sex.

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User Comments

Cherry Heart
2009 Mar 16, 17:46, Colorado
I work for cff :) the pay is great and yes its all real! ;) trust me
Everyone should go to the parties theyre the best!
The next one is this week actually.

2008 Mar 13, 06:49, Earth
Shit that doesn't update any more! Don't join - it's a total waste of money

2007 Nov 23, 08:58, sargodha
i love u i

2007 Oct 05, 17:10, ny
collegefuckfest may be fake. I saw one of the girls on another porn site. search for.

2007 Jun 10, 14:52, webster city ia 50595
The very best

2007 May 16, 08:27, Europe
I've had sex with two of the girls

2007 May 01, 11:49, asia
Does anyone knows who is the girl from CFF 38?

2007 Apr 28, 10:23, here
idiots go do something useful

2007 Apr 16, 06:10, hyderabad
total shit

2007 Mar 20, 01:36, usa
Woe to everyone of you. Burn to hell

2007 Mar 20, 01:35, usa
College Fuck Feast is a devil's advocate. Burn to hell.. God will punish you. Burn your city to hell. Give you wratch and eternal condemnation. Woe to your patrons.

2007 Mar 16, 22:12, dsm
i am large come see me

2007 Jan 16, 01:07, your pussy
lmao this is so fucking sad, your all probably just a bunch of drooling nerds, i saw this in an add and thought it might be funny lmao. like that canadian geek jim! more hardcore action! lol omg this is really a disgrase to every fucking person on the planet! you suck!

2007 Jan 11, 00:49, ny
it makes my flag to rise!

2006 Dec 12, 00:16, Cali / 805
You'll need to let me know where this Shit is at... So I can join the FUN.....

2006 Nov 15, 04:38, b
wow..........superb site,

2006 Oct 05, 19:57, Nwe York
Nice job Dann Howitt

2006 Aug 28, 05:09, india
what a sexy site yaar

2006 Aug 22, 12:42, USA
The girl in CFF 3 with the turquoise top is Shyla Styles.

2006 Jul 28, 05:04, Brasil
its too sex yar,really very god videos

2006 Jul 14, 21:57, uk
damn it...!!!! this sites is not soo c0oll...!!!

2006 Jul 10, 17:27, phil
i rely enjoy wacthing cock suckers girls

2006 Jul 01, 02:52, Miami
Nice site ... Does anyone know who the babe is from CFF 3? ... She wore a tourqoise top and matching bikini bottoms and was awesome sucking cock and fucking a guy. ... Would love to see more of her work. Thanks.

2006 Jun 19, 00:07, wang
good,i expect too

2006 May 18, 00:44, usa
It need more young and white girls withe more kissing mode and more sexy mode. It also some black boys to fuck,them.

2006 Apr 05, 04:09, DC
The site was cool but I have seen some of the people fuckin' in other sites.

2006 Mar 25, 00:58, usa
i like it

2006 Mar 20, 03:06, LA
well,da site is kewl,but i think i have seen better sites dan dis.

2006 Mar 15, 15:11, yorkshire
WHOOOO! I was blown away.

2006 Mar 12, 14:21, uk
this website sucks realy not recomended, slow downloads crap updates, and the qaulity ive seen allot better for cheaper. i realy wouldnt pay a penny for this crap.

2006 Mar 12, 01:06, India
This is great watching! Good picture quality and variety too !!!

2006 Mar 07, 17:08, russell ont
sean: i want to fuck all ya girls

da fucker
2006 Mar 04, 20:34, texas
gae fuckign worthless

True Review
2006 Mar 01, 20:21, USA
Of any of the sites I have found this is the best, some of the girls are pornstars but I think they are just to get the party started and the majority are real

2006 Feb 13, 03:04, south
i want to see seme pussy eating

2006 Feb 11, 21:56, San jose, Ca
Good site...girls are just really hot and cute...but ya..why odnt u guys make a tour around the country..ever heard aobutgirls form florida ..??.ya.they r horney ..big time....and cali girlshmh hard to get.but ya..still in the party...give it a shot!

2006 Feb 03, 04:56, alabama
its an "ongoing" website (updated everyweek or so), however they dont seem to update it very often so only subscribe for 1 month if your going to. The videos are quite good quality, although ive seen some of the "college girls" before in other porn movies so im not all that convinced, other than that its a really good site.

2006 Feb 01, 08:32, wet pussy just fuck.....i really like it...

2006 Jan 13, 01:11, Malerkotla
This is the best site.

2006 Jan 10, 12:37, us
They haven't posted a new video in months

2006 Jan 04, 13:25, us
i love the nice tits

john a.
2006 Jan 03, 18:21, my ass
man those girls are hot i would love to be the guy fucking the hell out of them
i also love that there is an audiance cheering them on and watching and just having a great time with the fuck couple

2005 Nov 06, 03:22, Admin
Reply to Willie : So you lost your password and that makes this site a scam place??? Were you willing to give them all your data so they can look up your transaction, have you submitted your CC info? I hardly doubt they would refuse to give you a new password in case of a valid request. Moreover, I think they have a "lost password" retrieval form somewhere on the site.

2005 Nov 03, 11:22, .
These USA stallions are awesome, I wish I could fuck all of them

2005 Nov 03, 11:19, .
I want to fuck every single guy of these videos and many more

2005 Nov 02, 10:09, Springfield
I was scamed by this site, signed up, lost my password and they wouldn't give mew a new one. From what I did see it sucked.
As Willie the janitor would say: "Crap, pure crap!"

2005 Oct 20, 09:09, PHIL.
fuck shit i don't see anything in sample!!!! I WANT SAMPLE VIDEOS OF THAT FUCKING GIRLS

2005 Sep 12, 06:33, MARS

2005 Sep 08, 04:00, philippines
hope you could try to sponsor a college fuck fest here in the philippines particular in boracay or manila.

2005 Aug 31, 23:56, Philippines
Very Good! Fuck the School shit!

2005 Aug 30, 00:22, assam
i love this

2005 Aug 11, 01:20, chennai
this looks very sexy

2005 Jul 14, 16:56, macedonia
i like to see all clips

2005 Jul 07, 19:44, your mom!

dan h
2005 Jul 03, 08:35, uk
good porn love cumming over it

2005 Jun 25, 17:59, urmom
I wanna fuck all the girls, aaaaaaaaahhooooooa nice vagina, squeez the boobs, suck my cock aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

2005 Jun 03, 00:24, phillippines
it was nice to see dos college girls fucked

2005 May 26, 20:48, Here
I also question the credability of this site, I dont buy the "real college students" thing. It was alright though.

2005 Apr 21, 23:55, india
i like this site very much.
and enjoy the fucking very much.

2005 Mar 01, 12:04, poland
jestescier de best

2005 Feb 24, 03:49, Spain
I´m sorry to tell you but this site is not quite so real as when it comes to the sex part.

The girl who is allegedly lured into a 3 hidden camera room is a porn starlet by the name of Brooke

You can check this out in and, she appears on BOTH sites!!!!


2004 Dec 27, 13:12, boston
big black dick ok baby

2004 Dec 17, 18:57, indonesia
best sites..!!!

2004 Dec 07, 23:05, ny
if you ike drunk teens getting it on in front of their classmates then this is the spot for you!

2004 Oct 28, 07:52, US
you should really ad more pictures of men not only women can i see your dick please thank you

2004 Sep 27, 14:37, egypt
no thing but sex sex sex sex sex fucken sex

2004 Sep 16, 15:47, Spain
Quite good content with true unique videos.
Some of them are EXCELLENT, some a bit repeating, Overall good video quality.

2004 Jul 23, 22:38,
best images!

Wise Guy
2004 Apr 23, 13:14, Florida
Unfortunately, CFF has deleted many of its first episodes and is now reposting them one at a time, as if they were new. No new episodes have been posted for several weeks now. That may be great if you are new to the site, but not if you have seen/downloaded most of their content.

hard as hell
2004 Apr 17, 21:15, river falls
i about blew my wad in my hand

2004 Mar 25, 00:16, vizag
its tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

2004 Mar 16, 07:33, Canada
I hoped to see more hardcore, but the other "bonus" sites contain plenty of it. Good reality package - I took the three months option and am quite satisfied.

2004 Feb 23, 01:03, Europe
Really excellent videos, but the resolution/bitrate is a bit low.
Not a lot of updates in Oct/Nov 2003.

Probably worth joining for only one month, but don't go for the 3 month offer.

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